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COVERAGE - Hungarian Pro League



images/games/sc2.gif StarCraft II Ro16:

A csoport

B csoport

PlayersMWDLP PlayersMWDLP
Hungary images/games/terran.png Psz22006 Hungary images/games/zerg.png DyNaMiTe22006
Hungary images/games/protoss.png Pobcorn32006 Hungary images/games/terran.png CacoS32016
Hungary images/games/zerg.png Tiber31023 Hungary images/games/terran.png NRG31023
Hungary images/games/protoss.png mOsTeN20020 Hungary images/games/zerg.png Shadi20020

R1 R1
mOsTeN vs Tiber0-2 Shadi vs DyNaMiTe0-2
Psz vs Pobcorn2-0 NRG vs CacoS2-1
R2 R2
Tiber vs Psz0-2 DyNaMiTe vs NRG2-0
mOsTeN vs Pobcorn0-2 CacoS vs Shadi2-0
R3 R3
Pobcorn vs Tiber2-0 NRG vs CacoS0-2

C csoport

D csoport

PlayersMWDLP PlayersMWDLP
Hungary images/games/protoss.png BBQ22006 Hungary images/games/terran.png Breach22006
Hungary images/games/terran.png Sync32016 Hungary images/games/protoss.png Fana32016
Hungary images/games/terran.png JuGGernaut31023 Hungary images/games/terran.png ANSqt31023
Hungary images/games/protoss.png Bobek20020 Hungary images/games/protoss.png Wordix20020

R1 R1
JuGGernaut vs Sync2-0 ANSqt vs Fana2-0
Bobek vs BBQ0-2 Breach vs Wordix2-1
R2 R2
JuGGernaut vs BBQ0-2 Breach vs ANSqt2-0
Bobek vs Sync0-2 Fana vs Wordix2-0
R3 R3
JuGGernaut vs Sync0-2 Fana vs ANSqt2-0

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