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COVERAGE - ESL SEEC Season 1 Finals

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images/games/csg.gif Counter Strike Global Offensive végeredmény:

img/1.png Bulgaria Gplay (bubble, dream3r, nkl, spyleader, v1c7oR)
img/2.png Turkey Space Soldiers (e1, marqnue, ONLY, TuGuX, XANTARES)
img/3.png Hungary Team ROCK (boco, bodito, FLASH, RAISY, ZEN)
4. Romania XPC Gaming (r1d3r, REAL, remkez, starkiller, SEMINTE)

images/games/LoL.gif League of Legends végeredmény:

img/1.png Greece Different Dimension
img/2.png Greece Void Gaming
img/3.png Bulgaria Gplay
4. Romania WASDro

images/games/hs.gif Hearthstone végeredmény:

img/1.png Romania Nihilum.Rdu
img/2.png Bulgaria superlub0
img/3.png Bulgaria BGnikiBG
4. Hungary deadfair

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